We are pleased to announce the first meeting “Phys4Entry review of molecular dynamics on Earth atmosphere”. This is a workshop aimed at reviewing the work carried out during the first year of the European 7th Frame Program Project FP7-SPACE-2009-242311: Planetary Entry Integrated Models.

This project will provide new physically sound models of the mechanisms in play as a spacecraft enters a planet’s atmosphere at hypersonic speeds. It will do this by integrating inputs and expertise from a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. The main goal for the phys4entry project is a thorough analysis of the physics and chemistry behind space vehicle entry into planetary atmospheres and an improvement of crucial elements of the modelling that will allow reliable predictions of real flight conditions. A wide range of scientific expertise is focused on the physics-based modelling of this planetary entry problem. This includes experts on atomic and molecular physics, chemical and plasma non-equilibrium states, computational modelling and aerodynamic experimentation.

This meeting will be held at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona, from 2nd June to 3rd June, 2011. It is organized by the surface reactions dynamics research group (Prof. R. Sayós and P. Gamallo) along with the Chemical Physics Department and the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (IQTC-UB) of the University of Barcelona.


1st Phys4Entry Review:
Molecular Dynamics on Earth Atmosphere

Barcelona, June 2nd - 3rd - 2011