International School of Quantum Electronics
53rd Course Molecular Physics
and Plasmas in Hypersonics

Ettore Majorana Centre, Erice, Sicily (Italy)
8-15 September 2012

This Course is the follow up of the 41st Course Molecular Physics and Plasmas in Hypersonics of the School of Quantum Electronics held in 2005.
In continuity with the past, the Course will deal with different topics, from the molecular dynamics of elementary processes in gas phase and in the interactions with solid surfaces, by using quantum-mechanics and macroscopic phenomenological approaches, to the chemical and physical non-equilibrium kinetics in hypersonic flows and the plasma physics in hypersonics, offering an updated view of the advances made in these fields. Lectures will also focus on more applicative subjects of relevance to aerospace engineering, such as (re)entry into planetary atmospheres and experimental methods in high-enthalpy wind tunnels. In this regard, lectures will consider the physical phenomenology relative to the coupling among fluid dynamics, plasmas and electromagnetism. Such phenomenology has recently attracted renewed interest for the possibility to mitigate through the presence of electromagnetic fields the thermal environment that a spacecraft has to withstand during the entry phase in a planetary atmosphere.
The Course could be regarded as a high-level training for PhD students and young researchers also presenting the most recent results obtained in the frame of the FP7 European Project Phys4Entry (Planetary Entry Integrated Models). This Project has the challenging goal of a CFD rebuilding of experiments simulating entry condition in planetary atmospheres, including detailed kinetic models that account for the collisional dynamics at a microscopic level. Therefore Lecturers from the project network are invited together with scientists of different Institutions, in the perspective of international cooperation of European Laboratories with Research Institutions in US and in the Russian Academy of Sciences.

We wish to thank the following for their contribution to the success of the 53rd Course of the School of Quantum Electronics

European Office of Aerospace Research
and Development
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
United States Air Force Research Laboratory