CIRCE Kick-Off
RL5 Meeting, 2nd of May 2007

Here are the presentations given by the participants to the kick-off meeting held in Bologna.
All the Tasks of RL5 are represented except Task 5.3.6.

These download links are not permanent and will be removed by the end of May 2007. It is therefore suggested to download the presentations soon.




Task 5.1.1.

Pinhas Alpert  (TAU)

Task 5.1.1.ppt

Task 5.1.2

Debbie Hemmings (METOFFICE)

Task 5.1.2.ppt

Task 5.2.1.

Simon Krichak (TAU)

Task 5.2.1.ppt

Task 5.2.2.

Daniel Rosenfeld (HUJI)

Task 5.2.2.ppt

Task 5.3.1 and Task 5.3.2.

Ivan Portoghese (CNR-IRSA)

Task 5.3.1 & Task 5.3.2.ppt

Task 5.3.3.

Jonathan Laronne (BGU)

Task 5.3.3.ppt

Task 5.3.4.

Costantino Masciopinto (CNR-IRSA)

Task 5.3.4.ppt

Task 5.3.5.

Gianni Tartari (CNR-IRSA)

Task 5.3.5.ppt

Task 5.4.1.

Annarita Mariotti (ENEA)

Task 5.4.1.ppt

Task 5.4.2.

Maria Vittoria Struglia (ENEA)

Task 5.4.2.ppt