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The 61st Course is dedicated to the memory of Prof Sergio Martellucci, Director of the International School of Quantum Electronics, excellent scientist and wonderful man.

The Course deals with the complex phenomenology of meteoroid entry in the Earth atmosphere, in the framework of the theoretical and experimental methodologies developed in the investigation of hypersonic entry of space vehicles and in this sense it can be regarded as a continuation of the 53rd Course “Molecular Physics and Plasmas in Hypersonics II” of the International School of Quantum Electronics of the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, held in 2012.
The lectures will give the fundamentals of meteoroid science considering the different topics relevant to observation, diagnostics and simulation. The state of the art of the meteoroid entry state physics will be assessed focusing on physical, chemical and engineering aspects, from the description of the ablation and fragmentation processes, to the insight in the CFD simulation of the plasma interaction with meteoroids/meteorites entering the atmosphere at hypersonic velocities, taking into account turbulence and including advanced chemical physical models coupling the kinetics of elementary processes and the radiation field. The relevant experimental methodologies will be identified considering the available ground test facilities in high-enthalpy wind tunnels, shock tubes and plasma torches and also describing techniques for elemental analysis for diagnostics. Moreover the CFD analysis of test cases for artificial and natural meteoroids will be reviewed. The lectures are organized in sessions and scientists, physicists and engineers, with internationally acknowledged expertise in the different field, have been invited to be lecturers in the Course.
The Course could be regarded as a high-level training for PhD students and young researchers and will also represent a unique chance of meeting scientists of different Institutions and belonging to different communities, in the perspective of international cooperation of European Laboratories with Research Institutions in US and in the Russian Academy of Sciences on this subject in view of the space agency activities.

Mario Capitelli
Gianpiero Colonna
Annarita Laricchiuta
The Directors of the Course