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RootProf can be obtained by sending an e-mail to, or through the software web page of the Institute of Crystallography

A file named will be obtained (2 Mb), containing the program and the demo files.




RootProf can be run to your computer upon installation of the package ROOT, which can be downloaded from here. Warning: you should use a version of Root <=5, preferably 5.34. You can download binaries for your platform (if available), or the source files, which you have to compile.  After downloading and unpacking the ROOT files, please read the included README file on how to set the necessary environment variables.

Unzip the file It contains:

RootProfGui.C --> the Graphic User Interface, from which the command file can be generated and RootProf can be run.

RootProf_v*.C  --> the program file

README.txt --> a file containing relevant information

RootProfLogo.png --> the RootProf logo

remaining files are other GUI files.

a subdirectory ./DemoFiles containing:

fileInput* --> demo command files

output*   --> demo output files

remaining files are demo data input files.




Run ROOT by typing root or clicking on the ROOT icon.

A root prompt will appear on your terminal in case of Linux, or on a new terminal in case of windows:



Go to the directory containing the RootProf files. You can change directory from the ROOT prompt by using the command

root> gSystem->cd("Full path of the directory containing the RootProf files")

and you can check the actual directory by using the command


As an alternative, if you have the ROOT directory in your path, you can launch ROOT from the directory containing the RootProf files.


Write the command .x RootProfGui.C on the root prompt.

root>.x RootProfGui.C

and the RootProf GUI will appear. From it you can generate the command file and run RootProf from the command file generated by the GUI or from any other command file you have in your directory. The output will appear on the root terminal window, while plots will appear in graphic windows on your terminal.


To launch RootProf without GUI, write the command .x RootProf_vX.C("fileInput") on the root prompt.

root>.x RootProf_v14.C("fileInput")


To redirect the output text into the file outputFile, type:

root>.x RootProf_v14.C("fileInput") > outputFile


In the case of Linux, RootProf can be run directly from the terminal, by typing:

root  RootProf_v14.C\(\"fileInput\"\)


RootProf can be also run in batch mode, by using the command:

root.exe -l -b -q 'RootProf_v14.C("fileInput")'

In this case, the graphic output will not appear on the terminal, but it can be saved in figures by adding the command savefig 2 or savefig 3 in fileInput.



If you experience a memory allocation error while running RootProf, you could change the value of the following parameters, by editing the RootProf.C script (they appear just at the beginning). Their values should be adapted to the specific memory size of your machine.

np: maximum number of bins in the profiles. Default value: 100000

ndatid: maximum number of profiles that can be loaded. Default value: 1500


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