XXI Householder Symposium on Numerical Linear Algebra

The conference venue is Hotel Sierra Silvana, located at Selva di Fasano (Br), placed about 80 km s from   BARI airport and about 80 km from BRINDISI airport.

There will be a free shuttle  service provided by the  local committee  to/from Hotel Sierra Silvana  for all the attendees landing at BARI Airport.

The  attendees landing at BRINDISI airport have to arrange themselves the transportation to  Hotel Sierra Silvana.

Information about how to travel by flight or by train

  • Arrival by Flight
     BARI and BRINDISI Airports are International Airports with frequent connections with Rome and Milan Airports. Moreover, many International flights fly to/from both airports.  From Bari-Palese Airport take a shuttle/train to the Bari Railway Station (shuttles usually live the airport every 30 minutes and the  ticket cost about  5 euro). From there take a train to Fasano Railway Station (for more datails see Arrival by Train).

  • A taxi service can be requested to take you either from the airports (Bari or Brindisi) or from the train station in Fasano to the Hotel Sierra Silvana. The fare from the airport to the hotel is about 80 Euros. The fare from the train station in Fasano to the hotel is about 30 Euros.
    To book the taxi service, you must contact directly the EuroTaxi service (e-mail 
    info@euro-taxi.it - web www.euro-taxi.it/  phone phone+39.080.748060)

  • Arrival by Train 
    From Fasano Railway Station you can request a taxi service by contacting the EuroTaxi service (e-mail info@euro-taxi.it - web www.euro-taxi.it/  phone+39.080.748060) .