Domenico Pignone 

    Born in Rome 29 June 1952. Married with one son. In 1975 at the University of Rome obtains "cum laude" a degree in biology defending an experimental dissertation on the influence of the cell cycle stage on the type of chromosomal aberrations induced in Drosophila melanogaster. Since July 1976 researcher at the Istituto del Germoplasma, CNR (IdG) in Bari. Since 1990 is Principal Researcher at the same site.

    Member of the SIGA (Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics), of the Genetics Society of Canada (GSC), of the Triticeae Cooperative. Also member of the SIGA Work Group on Cytogenetics and of the SIGA Work Group on Biodiversity and Genetic Resources.

    Since 1992 member of the Scientific Council of the IdG; since 1996 member of the Scientific Committee of the Research Area of Bari. Since 1994 president of the Rocket Network (genetic resources); since 1996 focal point for Italy within the MEDUSA Network (genetic resources). Since 1999 member of the Editorial Board of Chromosome Research, international journal on cytogenetics; collaborator of Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, international journal on genetic resources and Annals of Botany.

    Scientific coordinator of a research group on the study of differentiation and evolution in the gene pools of agriculturally interesting plants.
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